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You may know that line from the infamous sales movie Glengarry Glen Ross where Alex Baldwin plays himself. It’s a throwback sales training line from the 1960’s that manifested itself all the way to the ’80s. The problem with that line is that some people are still using it.
Whenever I do a seminar, everyone wants to know the fastest way to close the sale, the easiest way to close the sale, and the best way to close the sale.
REALITY: There is no fast way, there is no easy way, and there is no best way.
However, there is a better way than thinking of it as closing the sale. And once you understand what that way is, it will change your approach to the sale, for the better, forever…
It’s not the "close," it’s the open.
From the moment you engage the prospective customer, they’re beginning to make a judgment. First they judge you, then they judge what they’re buying, and finally they judge what company they’re buying it from. As I’ve said for years, the first sale that’s made is the salesperson (that would be you).
The secret of selling is four words: perceived value and perceived difference. Two of the four words are the same: perceived.
If your prospective customer perceives no difference between you and the competition, and perceives no value (better stated, a greater value) in what you’re offering, then all that’s left is price — and you will most likely lose the sale. Or if you win the sale, it will be at the expense of your profit.
There are two intangibles that, when combined, create a better chance, a better percentage, of you completing the sale. They are "comfort" and "fit." How comfortable were you with the prospective customer? How comfortable was the prospective customer with you? And was there a perceived fit? Did what you were selling fit with what the customer needed or wanted to buy?
So I’m going back to my original statement: It’s not the close, it’s the open. 

Let me give you a pop quiz that will determine whether or not you were even ready to open.

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