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I sell jewelry and watches in a shop in Portugal. What is the best way to onboard a client in a jewelry shop?



Jewerly shop buying is universal. There are many places whenever you get off of a cruise. Jewelry shops open up like a miracle to try and get you to buy that watch or that Ring because they think it’s cheaper if you buy it in a port of call than if you buy it at the store in your hometown. I think you can take it either way.

If someone walked to my jewelry shop I would have a couple of questions. Number one: Tell me about your favorite piece of jewelry. Tell me about a piece of jewelry you wear every day. Tell me about a piece you have on right now. And if you could have anything in the shop what would it be? I want to get the person interested in jewelry and I want to get the person interested in my shop and I want to be interested in them. I want to find out who they are, what they think like, what do they wear every day, what’s that special piece that they love?

Then I am going to find out why they are there. Maybe I spent all that time and they just want something for their mother, but the bottom line is I can still count them as a customer if they buy something for somebody or someone else. My job is to find out about them personally. What I found my life is that people buy stuff that they want themselves and then give it to somebody else. You do that every year at Christmas, don’t you?

Oh, wow! That’s so cool! Let me get that for Mary. So I’m looking at the person walks into my jewelry shop as a person who is there on a destination purpose. For some reason he walked into the door, whether he’s there for himself or somebody else. I’m going to find out what they love about jewelry, I’m going to find what they wear, I’m going to find out what their motive to buy is, then I’m going to show them exactly what they want and they will buy it.

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