[ezps_tp_post_layout video=”eQiYkhtw6Dk” description=”I’ve been talking a lot about asking questions and people have been asking me questions about asking questions. And if you know the old world stuff about sales you know about open-ended and closed-ended questions. The close-ended being the ones that you answer yes or no, the open-ended creates dialogue.

Well, I redefined it. I think that there’s 2 kinds of questions: a logic-based question and an emotion-based question. The logic-based is the old world, I’m trying to qualify the customer – Do you have a budget? What are you looking for today? What’s your payment? Other questions about money that are usually none of your business but an emotion-based question creates dialogue that has with it some kind of an engagement. Where did you grow up? What kind of bedroom did you grow up in? – if you’re trying to sell a house. How are going to use your car? Where are the most fun places that you go? – If you’re trying to sell a car. There are all kinds of emotional based questions that you can use, based on your service or your product and how your customer uses it once they take ownership. That’s the secret to creating these questions. Think about the outcome that the person is looking for. And ask them questions like, "How long have you been thinking about doing this?" Or, "What’s been your experience up to this point in time?" Ask them questions that draw out some of their real emotion and I promise you, you will get closer to the sale faster than you can possibly imagine and eventually the customer will buy.

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